“Jim Finn has made a name for himself...thanks to his feeling for irony and his capacity to shape something new from propaganda, news and other historic images. Not to forget his very dry sense of humour” —Rotterdam International Film Festival

Jim Finn (b. St. Louis, 1968) is an artist whose films and videos use humor and historical fiction to examine communist ideology, capitalism and revolutionary art practices. His work has screened at festivals, museums, and cinematheques such as Rotterdam International, New York Underground, Edinburgh International, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, and the Harvard Film Archive. His first feature-length film Interkosmos was called "a retro gust of communist utopianism" by the Village Voice and "charming and fantastic, so full of rare atmospheres" by Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin. Variety called his follow-up film La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo "pure filmmaking legerdemain" and called the performances "astonishing." He is currently working on a new film about a North Korean art residency called The Juche Idea.
link to www.jimfinn.org

The Juche Idea (62 min, 2008)
La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo (60 min, 2007)
Interkosmos (71 min, 2006)
la lotería (video series, 2004-5)
super-max (13 min, 2003)
Decision 80 (10 min, 2003)
wüstenspringmaus (3 min, 2002)
el güero (3 min, 2001)
comunista! (3.5 min, 2001)
sharambaba (3 min, 1999)