Nandini Khaund... Cosmonaut Seagull
Jim Finn... Cosmonaut Falcon
Dean DeMatteis... Cosmonaut Golden Eagle
Goran Milos... Cosmonaut Proton
Ruediger van den Boom... Narrator, Ruediger Wegenast
Bettina Richards... Jana Galan
Annika Bruens... Scientist

Jim Finn
Art Direction Joe Bristol
Camera Butcher Walsh, Dean DeMatteis
Costume Cecilia Rubalcava, Dana Carter, Shane Gabier
Stop-motion Animation Nicole Emmons
Music Jim Becker, Colleen Burke
Still Photography Christa Holka, Saverio Truglia



The music for the film was created by Jim Becker and Colleen Burke with additional drum parts by Jim White and additional vocals by Jiha Lee and Amy Warren. Besides writing and touring with his band Califone, Jim Becker most recently has toured with the bands Freakwater and the Dirty Three. As well as playing piano in the band We Ragazzi, Colleen Burke recently toured with Smog and is currently collaborating with filmmaker Eve Sussman to develop a musical film in Miami. Jiha Lee has sang and played flute with Bright Eyes and The Good Life. Amy Warren is a Chicago singer and actress who has sung with Tallulah and The Aluminum Group. Dirty Three drummer Jim White has toured and recorded with Cat Power, Nick Cave, Will Oldham and recently played percussion on the score of Nick Cave's film The Proposition.


Nandini Khaund (Cosmonaut Seagull) is a Chicago-based performance artist, musician and bacon lover. She was brought to the director's attention when a mutual friend took her to the hospital to treat the second-degree burns she got from lighting a firecracker dress in a loft gallery in Chicago.
Dean DeMatteis (Cosmonaut Golden Eagle) is a filmmaker and designer whose work has screened internationally. Besides acting and shooting parts of the film, Dean designed the beautiful promotional materials for the film as well as lots of the great props.
Goran Milos (Cosmonaut Proton) works in the commercial film industry in Chicago and foraged for berries and ate snakes during survival training in the Yugoslavian army in the 1980s.
Murat Musullu (Mohammed Faris) is from Istanbul and is currently getting his MFA in Film/Video at the School of the Art Institute.
Sang Hoon Lee (Ganzorig Maidorjabyn) is from Korea and most recently produced the upcoming feature film Second Moon in Chicago.
Ruediger van den Boom (Ruediger Wegenast) is the head of the Goethe Institute Chicago. He started out as an extra on the film and worked his way up to starring role, translator, props provider and narrator.
Bettina Richards (Jana Galan) runs the indie-rock label extraordinaire Thrill Jockey.
Steve Reinke (Max Zumwald) is a Canadian video artist whose character grew in importance principally because of his proximity to Ruediger and Bettina in the dinner scene.
Abina Manning (Ludmila Reimer) is the program director for the Video Data Bank, one of the largest videoart distributors in the world. Playing a socialist librarian was not a stretch.
Annika Bruens (Stresstest scientist) studies Popular Music and Media in Paderborn, Germany; she was an intern at the Goethe Institute in Chicago when she agreed to be in the film the day before her return flight to Germany.
Tom Tucker (Jan Grueber) owns land on Lake Michigan which doubled as the Black Sea coast for the field hockey scene; he is also the grandfather of Jim Finn's niece and nephew, Madeline and Owen.
Reed Finn (Stasi chief) is a history buff who's as comfortable quizzing state capitals as he is boning up on medieval Siberian missionaries.
Joe Bristol (Piotr Zmursky) is an art director from Montreal. A baseball fan who remembers with some bitterness the strike-shortened season that killed the Expos.


Cecilia Rubalcava is a costume designer who has worked for various theater projects in Chicago. She’is from the Quad Cities and grew up a John Deere brat.
Dana Carter is a visual artist who has designed costumes for the Red Moon Theater and the All-American Anti-War Marching Band.
Shane Gabier is a clothing designer from the north of Michigan just under the U.P. who teaches at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Joe Bristol is a commercial and film art director who learned the strict rules of etiquette for the appropriate behavior of Darth Vader when working on the Clone Wars Kellogg's ad.
Scott Miller is his assistant who was able to find such obscure items as the used electrodes for the space capsule.
Kim Soss has worked as an art director for such films as Shulie and is a popular dj in Chicago. She has side-zippered sleeping-bag down coat that is warm enough to allow her to sleep in her car in a bitter Chicago winter night if necessary.

Butcher Walsh shot Jim Finn's first film, Sharambaba. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he currently lives in Brooklyn.
Dean DeMatteis shot Jim's second film, Granada, and went on a film tour with Finn in 2003. The three of them are long-time collaborators.

Nicole Emmons has worked for the Nickelodeon TV channel and as independent animator as well as in the art department on various film and television projects. She lives in Brooklyn.

Petra Bachmaier (voice of Seagull) is a multi-media artist from Munich living in Chicago.
Shawn Huelle is a writer-performer from Nebraska who got a Fulbright Scholarship in 1996 to study at the University of Bremen, Germany.
Ursula van den Boom (Dolphin study) is from Bonn, Germany and her daughter Louisa (Succubus sonnet) is a pediatrician living currently living in Bonn and was visiting to Chicago when pressed into service by her father Ruediger.
Claudia Lozano (Marx-Engels) is from México and teaches animation and video with the Chicago city arts program Gallery 37.

Saverio Truglia runs his own photography studio.
Christa Holka is an artist and freelance photographer. Both live in Chicago.

Masahiro Sugano is a Japanese filmmaker living in Chicago and editing his first feature film called Second Moon. He designed the beautiful capsule lighting for the film.

Dexterity Press is a Chicago letterpress run by Kerri Sancomb and Jeff Mueller. They printed the posters, business cards and matchbook dvd/press book covers for the film.

Arthur Jones is an animator and web designer who made a tiny series of depressed monster superhero videos called The Monster Team. He and Jim Finn went on a video tour in 2005.